WHAT IS Root Force?

Root Force™ is Woody Warehouse Nursery’s trademarked growing system. However, Root Force ™ is much more than fancy processes and procedures. Let’s look at the backbone of Root Force™.

As a propagator, WWN has control of the growing process from seed collection to distribution of finished goods. Our processes utilize various root pruning methods to interact with the developing roots. Through this environment fibrous lateral roots are stimulated. Without our procedures, the roots would otherwise be course and taproot dominate. The acceleration of fibrous lateral roots sets the table for improved transplant survival and vigor.

Propagated liners are generally transplanted into 1- or 3-gallon containers. Through continuous evaluations of plant traits, we determine the appropriate per specie grow recipe. Along every step of production, we aim to continue fibrous lateral root development.

Root Force™ is also inherently a “Growers Mindset”. As our teams observe the obstacles of growing, selling, and distributing containerized plants, they react and make changes to increase the quality. The changes are made with both the plants and customer’s needs taken into consideration. Regardless, if plants stay within our Root Force™ system or are sent to our customers; we believe, “if its best for us internally it’s best for our clients.”