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Tree Type
Shrub Type
Native Habitat
Midwest Native (1)
Non-Midwest Native (1)
Growing Conditions
Light Preference
Full Sun (1)
Partial Sun (1)
USDA Hardiness Zones
USDA Wetland Indicator Status
Floodplain (Sun) (1)
Soil Preferences
Soil Moisture
Wetland (sun) (1)
Wet to Medium (1)
Wet (1)
Medium (1)
Soil Type
PH Preference
Acidic (1)
Neutral (1)
Growth Attributes
Growth Rate
Fast (1)
Bloom Details
Bloom Time
March (1)
Flower Color
Fall Color
Plant Attributes
Fire Resistance
Attracts Bees and Other Pollinators (1)
Attracts Birds (1)
Attracts Butterflies / Moths (1)

UnclassifiedObligate (OBL)

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