Paul and Peggy Berg

Founders and Co-Owners

Peggy was born and raised on the Pritchett Farm where the family raised corn, soybeans, cattle, and hogs. Peggy met Paul Berg while he was serving in the Air Force. After getting married they made their way back to the farm. Paul continued working the family ground. With a good, better, best approach he began no tilling the farm. Eventually, to diversify the farm Paul and Peggy started a nursery. Beginning with Christmas trees, ground covers, mums, and landscaping; the building blocks for WWN were established. In 1998 they tuned their focus to woody native trees and shrubs. They are once again shifting their focus to the development of The Pritchett-Berg Woods Foundation.

Derek Humbert


Derek joined the team in December, 2006. He started out in administration and finance. Derek focuses on the vision of the company; building a strong team that is commited to continuous improvement while simulltaneously supporting a culture for learning and growing. Derek received two Bachelor of Science Degrees from Indiana University in Accounting and Finance. He also received his Master of Business Administration degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Outside of the nursery, you can find Derek in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. Derek has always been drawn to nature and all of its flora and fauna. Derek’s passion is what ultimately drew him to Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc.

Pete Berg

Vice President and Co-Owner

Pete has worked at WWN for over 17 years. He has grown up working with his family and their business. Pete started out flying solo with sales. Now he is fcousing on crop development and inventory assistance. Pete’s focus is on quality, always strivings to provide and sell the best plants possible. His hobbies are outdoor sports including hunting, fishing, canoeing, and boating on the lake with his family. Pete hopes to one day become a certified arborist. He likes watching WWN trees grow and feels that they are part of his legacy. Seeing his trees in other environments fills him with great pride.

Kent Berg

Vice President and Co-Owner

Kent started working at WWN officially in March of 2005. He values the future of Woody Warehouse Nursery and enjoys the building and planning process of a cutting-edge nursery. Kent’s background includes over ten years of engineering and design work. His project management skills have enabled WWN to grow in an organized and well-planned manner. With his commitment to the future, many projects are designed and built not only for the needs of today, but with the foresight of the projected needs of tomorrow. When he is able, Kent enjoys hunting and fishing.

Bill DeBoer

Sales and Marketing Manager

Bill oversees sales, shipping, logistics, and marketing. He enjoys interacting with people in the industry. Bill is an extrovert, and finds it enriching to meet and get to know likeminded people. He has been a plant propagator for over 15 years and has experience as a commercial grower and as a production manager. As a native plant enthusiast, Bill loves to hike and take in nature. His educational background includes a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry and Natural Resources from Purdue University. Bill taught dendrology for five years.

Stephen Andreanopoulos

Shipping and Logistics Manager

Stephen has been with WWN since August, 2019. He overseeis shipping and logistics of all our native trees and shrubs. He has several favorite trees and loves seeing the different stages of growth. Stephen is particularly interested in how different species fit together to make a balanced ecosystem. He received a Bachelor of Science at Purdue University in Agricultural Systems Management, with a Minor in Agricultural Food Systems dealing with row crops. Stephen has a garden and greenhouse at his home and enjoys spending time with family.

Tiffany Stewart

Executive Assistant

Tiffany manages the office, events, accounting and assists upper management at WWN. She has been with WWN since 2015, and her artful approach can be seen and felt all around the nursery. She has an Associate Degree in accounting and business. Her hobbies include drawing, crafting, and painting. many of which can be found on display in the nursery facilities. She spends her time walking through her walnut grove, spending time with her husband, children, and grandkids on their farm.

Kristina “Tina” Carr

Nursery Manager

Tina started in June 2006 as a 15 year old high school student. From the start, she always excelled at learning and improving any given task. She worked her way into the greenhouses and became Greenhouse Manager. Her professional development has led her to become the Nursery Manager. Her team respects and appreciates her due to her great leadership style. She is a certified arborist and outside of the nursery she can be found with family and friends, traveling, riding dirt bikes, and being in the great outdoors. Tina received a degree in criminal justice and minor in phycology from Ball State University.

Alex Lawson

Inventory Manager

Alex is responsible for inventory management, crop development, and running crews. She enjoys staking, pruning, and helping to grow quality trees and shrubs. Alex has a detailed eye for quality and is a huge asset to both the sales team and the production team. Her personal goal is to expand her knowledge with identifying more tree species. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business from Purdue University. Her hobbies include riding horses, growing plants and flowers, and gardening with her family.

Cristie Dewes


Cristie is a crucial part of scouting for insects and diseases in the greenhouses, carrying out trials, helping with inventory, cuttings for production, and tracking data. She brings; eleven years of experience in a cell biology lab, seven years in plant production of research crops, and twelve years in the Interior Landscaping industry to WWN. Her hobbies include gardening at home and taking care of her 100+ house plants. Cristie’s favorite aspect of her job is spending most of her time outside and working with the plants.

Jake Gyger

Production Foreman

Jake has been on the WWN team since 2013. His jobs include running crews, chemical application, general equipment and infrastructure maintenance, expansion projects, and irrigation. He enjoys spearheading projects from start to finish. He is detail-oriented, and it shows in his work. He has been an integral part of the growth of WWN for the past ten years. His hobbies include car shows and spending time with his family.

Debi Davidson

Greenhouse Supervisor

Debi has been with WWN since 2016 and has been a team player in several areas of production including crop development, potting, and greenhouse management. Her favorite aspect of her job is seed collecting for the next crop cycle. She serves as an essential part of the team. She cares deeply for the seedlings she produces with her team. Debi loves spending time outside of work with her family and friends.

Mitch Fox

Nursery Production Supervisor

Mitch started at WWN in 2022 as a delivery driver, and was quickly promoted to Nursery Supervisor. He enjoys helping his fellow employees and doing something different every day. Mitch graduated with an Associates Degree and earned Double Applied Science Majors in Electronic Systems and Business Management from Lincoln Tech. He is a jack of all trades and great team player. His hobbies include fishing, camping, snowboarding, hiking, and traveling to Colorado when possible.

Connor Paterniti

Customer Service Representative

Connor is a viable part of the WWN team as our Customer Service Representative.  He brings positive attitude along with a Bachelor of Science and a Business Administrative Degree, minoring in Sociology from Ball State University in 2022. Connor has always had a passion for plants and trees.  His hobbies include soccer, music, hiking in nature, snowboarding, making memories with his twin brother and best friends.  Connor is looking forward to seeing where WWN takes him.