From the CEO

At Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc.  our Brand Commitment, simply put, is continuous improvement. This commitment has permeated throughout our entire organization. It enables us to always pursue better ways of propagating, growing, and distributing our Root Force™ plants. You deserve the best from WWN and that is what will be delivered.  Quality Native Plants is our passion. This is why Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc. is Humanity’s Native Solutions. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity for my team to work with you!

Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc. has a rich history rooted in Pritchett-Berg Farms. The 40-year journey from a traditional farm to a focus on native trees and shrubs, reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.

From that idea, RootForce™ was born, showcasing a dedication to advancing techniques and products. By utilizing air pruning techniques starting at the greenhouse and moving into container production, our forward-thinking approach to horticulture aims for healthier and more robust root systems.

Today WWN maintains high standards for both products and processes, while exploring new markets for the future. With this dynamic and progressive vision and value for customers and employees alike, we look forward to a bright 2024.