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About Our Containers

At Woody Warehouse Nursery, we strive to use the best available technology to deliver plants with the healthiest root structure possible.

The standard smooth sided nursery container is widely used across the industry due to its ease of availability and affordable price point. We use these to grow some of the stage 1 species which are not commonly prone to becoming root bound. You may see that many of our stage 1 shrub species come in this type of container.


We use air root pruning technology for the majority of our stage 1, 1gal and 3 gal, stock. Pictured to the right is a 1 gal RediRoot container used for some of our 1 gal production. This highly effective technique terminates the growth of the taproot and stimulates the growth of a fibrous root structure directed horizontally off the tap root. These are healthy, attractive trees and at the base of each is its most important part:  a robust root system eager to grow.


Pictured to the left is our 3 gal Root Force™ pot which uniquely employs the air root pruning technique mentioned above. Depending on the species, our Root Force™ system will produce trees ranging from three to six feet tall in just eight months. These Stage 1 trees outcompete most bare root trees. Bare root and field dug trees do not produce this aggressive, fibrous foundation of roots.  A bare root tree planted in a container does not develop this essential foundation.  The Root Force™ system does.


Most 5 gal stage 2 plants are grown in RootMaker® Plastic Containers. This container prevents root circling with a stair step sidewall design in combination with eight evenly spaced vertical ribs. Air holes are present at each step and rib intersection. As developing roots reach the sidewall, they are directed to the holes, where they air prune. This special design effectively prevents root circling while continuing the development of fibrous roots.


Our stage 3, 7 gal and 15gal Pot-In-Pot (PIP) growing system differs from that of most nurseries. Instead of growing trees in black pots with smooth sides, we use RootTrapper® Bags to correct root circling problems associated with smooth sided potting systems. The white exterior of the root bag plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy root system throughout the shipping process by reflecting sunlight and maintaining cooler container temperatures. Smooth sided black pots can absorb sunlight, creating hot spots that expose roots to extreme temperatures.


Woody Warehouse Nursery provides only the most structurally sound trees by using RootTrapper® Bags. The RootTrapper® Knit Bags used primarily for in ground production are highly efficient root pruning containers that eliminate problematic circling growth of roots commonly found when using plastic pots. Circling root growth will cause a significant, undesirable increase in plant establishment time, and will inevitably damage or even kill the tree as the roots grow in diameter. Root Force™ trees are grown in soilless media, enabling 2-inch trees to weigh less than 100 pounds.